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“Best experience at the worst time of my life. The expert knowledge, the guidance of what’s important to you. The value for the money spent, the top notch funeral going off without a hitch. Jon really cares and helps you with all the things, including the ones you don’t know you need.
What a blessing to have in our town.”


Experienced with the Traditional, with the added ability to go Beyond the Ordinary

A Death in the Family is inevitable.
Some people are prepared,…many more are not.Wherever you find yourself in this Family “event”, We are available to come alongside you and listen.Listen to Your story.Listen to your needs, and your wants AND without added pressure.

Tanzyus Logan Funeral Service and Care

The Alternative to the traditional Funeral Homes Decatur Illinois has to offer.

“Alternative” means having a choice between things.

What makes us different? 

We are a funeral service company not a funeral home. So,….We provide everything you would find at a traditional funeral home, minus the chapel in our building.That gives us the ability to purposely attend to each family unit within their own distinctive arena of needs and wants. We provide Personalized and Caring service options, at churches, civic clubs and gravesides that are creatively unique, and second to none! We offer the lowest, real overall pricing structure in the area, giving True Value to the families we serve.

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Tanzyus Logan Funeral Service Inc.

A family owned and family operated Corporation, in business since 2003, created as an alternative funeral service provider to the expensive traditional funeral home model in play for nearly 100 years.  Our professional staff has experience in the funeral industry that spans nearly four decades. Each family we serve gets attentive help early in the process, extreme listening skills that produce creative and personalized funerals for their loved one and an aftercare program that walks them through a grief journey that is unique to them alone, only at the best Funeral Homes Decatur Illinois has. We will answer all the questions you have, but know when to listen as well, as a matter of fact, that’s what we do best.

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JA Tanzyus PreNeed Agency

A Funeral Pre-Arrangement company that enables a funded funeral plan ahead of time, secured as specialty insurance with companies that are well-known to keep this investment safe. Each program defines what is included in the final contract, with a “freezing” of prices within the control of Tanzyus Logan (Services and Merchandise) with an allowance portion to help offset the “outside expenses” of future cemetery fees etc.

Jon is in charge of the pre-arrangement staff and is a CPC (Certified PreNeed Counselor) as well as a CCSP (Certified Cremation Service Provider).  Each Pre-Need Counselor on our team has been fully licensed by the State of Illinois, has continual  training in answering a wide variety pre-arrangement questions, and the ability to help each person create a funeral option that fits into their desired need and determined budget. One of our more popular options is “12-months same as cash”  Call today to find out more.

We strive to combine a professional and credentialed staff of professionals, combined with the family-oriented “feel” to make every service as unique as you decide what you loved one deserved.

Funeral Homes Decatur Il Certified Preplanning Consultant

Tanzyus Logan Funeral Service and Care offers a number of additional services and merchandise that make us unique in the are.

The professional and caring approach we take to every individual funeral event is core to our service offerings. Over the years we have listened carefully to the families we have served and many of these extras are a result of following through on those personalized requests. These items are guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind, and customized just for that special someone’s funeral service.

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Funeral Homes Decatur Il Remembering The Ride


A Harley Davidson Standard with pull-behind hearse trailer.
We designed and built this specialized hearse to reflect the character of the Central Illinois rider, rather than the “gothic” funeral garb effect.  You won’t find $900 suits on this ride! Only jeans, boots and leather will do. This “Celebration of Life” event is more about the Journey than the Destination. 

Check out our personalized “cycle” pricing ranges and consider a pre-arranged plan to lock in the current price.

Available for rental to other area and Funeral Homes Decatur Illinois as well.

“Remembering Life and Love”

An Online Catalog of tanginle remembrances and of funeral related goods with an emphasis on personalized items.


Coming Soon!

Funeral Homes Decatur Il Remembering Life And Love
Funeral Homes Decatur Il Remembering Ages In Pages

Remembering “Ages In Pages”
Hard-bound, glossy photo books

Get those photos out of that pile of boxes in the closet!  Let us help you create beautiful pages with favorite pictures, notes, cards, vacations postcards, and memorable journal entries.  A One-of-a-Kind family legacy book that you can keep on the Coffee table for all to enjoy.

Funeral Homes Decatur Il Executor Essentials


A binder full of forms and notes to help you “finish your race well”.

A useful guide including a variety of detailed instructions, addresses, important websites and fill in the blank forms to help you close out an estate, for those who need some guidance, but not enough of an estate for extensive lawyer help.

These services are unique and won’t be found at other Funeral Homes Decatur Illinois.

Funeral Homes Decatur Il No Hidden Fees


You will be relieved by the professionalism and attention to detail that Tanzyus Logan Funeral Service and Care will give you.  Your family will deal with a death at some point.  Let us help you say your final good-byes with a uniquely memorable event that other Funeral Homes Decatur Illinois currently can not offer.

Get the help you need, professional and caring, along with price transparency that is uncommon in the industry. 

No Hidden Fees, Guaranteed!

Consider a call today to discuss pre-need arrangements with no pressure and no obligation.  Take the time to compare Funeral Homes Decatur Illinois, and what  is good for you. We guarantee a clear choice with Tanzyus Logan Funeral Service and care.

We provide nearly -stressless arrangements while offering the lowest true pricing structure in the Funeral Homes Decatur Illinois.   

Please consider letting us help you remember your loved one in a good way,… with no regrets. 

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