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Funeral Merchandise is as varied based on the people who need to purchase them.

We sell only quality goods as Funeral Homes Decatur Illinois has should. Our company offers products from the best manufacturers and distributors in the industry today. We keep up with the latest products and trends and go beyond the ordinary so that the families we serve have a wide selection of personal and meaningful memorials as well as the broadest price ranges and choices. Guaranteed to fit any budget, a rarity with other Funeral Homes Decatur Illinois has.

The vendors we use, back up their products with warranties that are some of best in the industry. As licensed funeral directors and a well established funeral provider, we have access to top quality products that are American-made and not available to online retailers and cold calling cemetery salesmen.

Our overall pricing structure is the lowest in the area when compared to other Funeral Homes Decatur Illinois has to offer. There is truly a buyer beware problem in our area when choosing products outside of reputable Funeral Homes Decatur Illinois. Although you as a consumer have the “right” to purchase and use them… you may be very disappointed with that “do-it-yourself” selection in both quality and value. Compare the quality of goods in what is available from us,and this will give you personalized value on the goods you receive.

  • Caskets, Urns, Burial Vaults & Urn Vaults
  • Uniquely Personal Photo Funeral Items & Custom Add-ons
  • Touching Jewelry &Giftware, Keepsakes andHome Decor
  • Personalized Monuments & Markers
  • Floral Tributes
  • Memories of Our Pets


Caskets are one of the areas you can use to help you budget a funeral. It has the greatest range of choices and thereby the greatest range of price points to choose from. Caskets generally come in a “standard”size, as well as youth and oversized options.There are really only a few “styles,” that is usually in metal or wood with interior fabrics of mostly velvet or crepe. Other Funeral Homes Decatur Illinois has, may not offer the expansive choices we do. Embellishment is where you will find the greatest variations! It’s like jewelry on a dressy outfit. Too much and it’s gets a bit gaudy…But, to each his own! Explore the options! Colors,shaped sides and corners, tufted cap panels or embroidered line drawings….flags and crosses and flowers galore.



Funeral Urns may have a long and ancient history, but in America, cremation is a fairly new cultural event, mostly gaining popularity within the last 30 years. The personality in the design of the Urn is meant to “reflect” the personality of the one that resides within. From handmade pottery to the generalized, assembly-line machine-made styles, each one is sized for an adult or a child by scale. Urns may be engraved and many can have laser etched photos, adding to the personalization.



A Vault is generally a cemetery requirement for burial of a casket for sure, with some cemeteries requiring one for the burial of an urn. Each one is more for the physics of burial, meaning the weight of the dirt on top. Graveside Services are popular in the spring and fall, so if a preferred personalized cap is desired for the vault, they are available with simple ornamentation with basic name and dates to fully covered photo collage option.



Often after a funeral, one of the things many of us miss the most are how the endearing “quirks” of the person who has died has touched our heart over the years. A fine piece of jewelry with their unique fingerprint, favorite saying and/or name and dates can be a tangible touch of that person who is now gone. A keepsake urn with a little bit of ashes divided among family members, may “keep the peace” in a sudden loss. Memorabilia collected as you cleaned out their estate, can now be kept within a formal shadow box for viewing. After you and extended family members have gathered pictures that were used for the Funeral Homes Decatur Illinois service, consider having them produced into a beautiful, personalized glossy photo books, (“Ages In Pages” Bound Photo Book) noting some cherished memories, to pass on the stories and treasured times onto the next generation.



A Permanent memorial at the cemetery can be a plain as name and dates, but you don’t have to stay there.  With today’s laser machines and color usage, the creative options for photos and/or a favorite homestead scene or vacation spot can well be within a reasonable price point.  Why not put a little more effort into that legacy stone to express your family values to the next few generations?  We produce very personal and unique stones, and beautiful 3-d bronze portraits.



Flowers at a funeral or memorial service may be a common setting, but they certainly can reflect a caring choice from someone who wants to encourage and sympathize with your loss.  Later on, in another setting, you may find a “familiar” scent from some other flowers will “trigger” a generally peaceful response as you recall that service with a gentle smile.



Each funeral we conduct is an original! 

Our Photo Service folders are an option that allows for a favorite grouping of pictures over a lifetime of memories…each with it’s own expression of uniqueness about the person who has died.. 

Our custom acknowledgement cards or “thank you cards” are from your family, with your sentiment and how you want to express yourself to those who are walking with you through this grief journey. 

Our video production option can include up to 100 pictures and give you a greater medium to expand your loved one’s connection to others through a broader span of their lifetime. Not a “drop and go” format and many funeral homes provide, but a carefully produced, cropped and detailed item that shows only the best parts of each photo. Early, mid late life events, with special friends and accomplishments are many of the favorite items included with no extra charge.