Funeral Costs Explained

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At Tanzus Logan Funeral Service and Care, we believe in being open and honest about all division of funeral service.

Funeral costs are dependent on many factors. When comparing Funeral Homes Decatur Illinois, consider Tanzyus Logan Funeral Service.

Funeral arrangements are usually one of the most neglected areas of financial planning. Studies have show that families who have taken the time to plan ahead, spend much less than those who are forced to make an immediate emotional expense.

The following items will be a helpful list when you are comparing like items for your funeral needs:

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Service Charges

Professional Fess of Funeral Directors & Staff

Transportation from place of death
Service Car

Preparation of the body:
Dressing & Casketing
Cosmetics if needed

Burial or Cremation Services:
A Full Traditional Service
A Contemporary Gathering
A Graveside Service
A Memorial Ceremony
Beyond the Ordinary
“Remembering the Ride”
Direct Burial or Simple Cremation

Transportation to Cemetery
Hearse or Service Car
Additional mileage fee beyond 25mi.


Casket and Vault or Urn and Urn Vault

Memorial Items:
Register Book
Personalize Service Folders
Thank You Cards
Laminated Obituary Bookmarks
Memorial Video Presentation

Floral Tributes

Keepsakes and Jewelry

Monuments or Markers

Funeral Homes Decatur Illinois Casket

Outside Cash Expenses

Death Certificates

Newspaper Obituaries

Necessary Permits

Cemetery Fees:
Cemetery Property (if needed)
Opening & Closing Charges

Clergy, Music & Vocalist
Sound Tech

Final Date Work

Because we let you decide what is best for your family and budget, it would be impossible for us to give an exact quote by phone or email, without first getting a better idea of your unique situation and needs. It is for this reason that we suggest a meeting with one of our caring funeral directors or knowledgeable and licensed pre-need service staff. Working with the best Funeral Homes Decatur Illinois has to offer you, at your convenience at our new facility or at your home.


That initial meeting will walk you through defining what you have in mind and produce a genuine, realistic figure that accurately reflects the true cost to you.  Since we are a funeral service company and not a traditional Funeral Homes Decatur Illinois, our overhead charges are less overall and we are able to pass on substantial savings to the families we serve.

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Funeral Homes Decatur Illinois Stars

“We just wanted to tell you how thankful we are to have had you as our funeral director for our Mom. Everything was flawless from beginning to end. Your coordination skills, empathy and compassion did not go unrecognized!”
Pat, Joan & Family

Funeral Homes Decatur Illinois Meaningful Funeral


A funeral is really a ceremony to say “good-bye”to someone who has been an important person in our life.

A “Meaningful” funeral goes beyond a basic ceremony to purposely incorporate the unique and special nuances of the person who has died.  The sights of photo memories, the sounds of a favorite tune, the aroma of floral tributes, and the touch of family and friends that have come to encourage us…  Each of our senses, engaged in what it means to love and to be loved,  and just now, feel a little bit lost as to how we are going to continue.  All grief related, yet an important relational milestone in our life, that can help give us the ability to get back on track eventually, as we should.

If you choose to pre-plan your own funeral event, you will have the privilege of setting the tone that you want it to be, leaving a clear path for your family to follow.  You have the opportunity to describe your life, …Your interests, Your passions, and the way you chose to live,…….  How you want to be remembered.  A time for you to really think through important issues and important people,…  Your legacy.  The results for you are peace of mind.  The results for your family–  a way to be brought together as a family when the time comes, and not a tearing apart or struggle of trying to ”guess” what you would have wanted.  Simple or Elaborate,  the Value is in recognizing the true worth of life, embracing our own mortality, as we see a life lived well through new lenses, and giving deserved honor to those we love the most. 

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Funeral Homes Decatur Illinois Value Of Remembering 1
Funeral Homes Decatur Illinois Value Of Remembering 2
Funeral Homes Decatur Illinois Value Of Remembering 3


Remembering a favorite time or place can bring us into that memory with a quiet smile. One of our specialties is the gift of helping you put together memories that have remained strong overtime. These “Life Stories” are a free option to the families we serve. When you choose to include this service, we take the time for family interviews that encourage dialogue among family members in a positive light. These sessions are reminders of our individual family traditions, with a new realization of how the best parts of life,…  shape us and give us our own unique traits to the world.  These Life Stories Embrace the fun times and recall, through new wisdom, how through years were endured. Each remembered event, endearing a wave of heartfelt emotions that remain.  We then incorporate each Life Story(Yours or Ours written for you) into a scrapbook-like service folder that is much more than factual dates and generic poems. Each life portrayed by these customized service folders have some of the favorite photos of your loved one, spanning their lifetime and adding depth and meaning to the remembering. We concentrate on background pictures that relate to places and things that were important to them (and You). These one-of-a-kind tribute folders give tangible expressions of lives lived well. This is one of many things that makes us the top choice for Funeral Homes Decatur Illinois. 

Elaborate or Simple…. each one expresses it’s own reflective personality and becomes a cherished memento of this family funeral event. We can also use the main theme from these specialty folders for the register book or for personalized video tributes and other keepsake items, or can transfer your gathered picture group into a hard-bound, glossy photo book. Because we have graphic artists on staff, each item created is unique and original; executed with excellence and in a timely manner. 

We can also work with your favorite pictures and have them laser-etched onto granite monuments and markers for cemetery placement. If you have need of a bronze memorial instead of granite, we also have the capabilities to incorporate those favorite photos as a portrait or collage of pictures embossed artistically on that as well.

Other tangible remembrances can be personal memorials: Urns, Keepsakes, Jewelry, giftware and home décor products. Many types and sizes for your own style of personalization in a range of price points.

Leave a note for your family. Many people are choosing to pre-plan their own funeral event through Funeral Homes Decatur Illinois. We would encourage you to think “beyond the ordinary” and leave a note (or notes) to be read by family members after you have gone.

To find out more about creative remembrances and how to do them, check out our Resources pages to download free online tools to help.

Funeral Homes Decatur Illinois Value Of Care


How important is care at a time when you are hurting? End of life issues can present themselves in a variety of ways. Sometimes it’s a sudden loss, or a diagnosis of a terminal illness that brings time into true focus. It can also be a season of positive reflection and preparation for the eventual need for The loss of a loved one will probably put us in a place we’ve never been before and the Care that we need for that season of life, may not be so easy to define.

At Tanzyus Logan Funeral Service and Care, we understand the family dynamics and have endured our own personal losses. We have chosen to make ourselves available to serve as a top option for Funeral Homes Decatur Illinois. We listen carefully to what you are saying. We can make suggestions and recommendations in areas you may feel lost in. We can bring ideas and connections that you may not be aware of. In other words, We Care.

Have you thought about how you would handle a funeral for that close Someone? Would you be able to find the pictures, remember their favorite poem or song lyrics, or express your feelings at a time when grief and sorrow want to consume your very thought life? Because we have been there, you can experience thoughtful direction, in a creative outlet that springs from solid experience. All this can help provide for a smoother transition into that next chapter of your life.

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